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'B2B has exceeded my expectations and generated more leads than I thought possible. They are a pleasure to work with.'
–Jim Vance
 USA Analyticon Diagnostics

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Webinar Marketing Services

Webinars let you "meet" with your prospects and customers online for an interactive meeting. You can conduct online product demonstrations with prospects or share important product information with current users - all without the expense or time commitment of traveling. Webinars help you achieve your corporate marketing and sales objectives, lower your cost per lead, increase your sales cycle, uncover new business opportunities and enhance customer satisfaction. Let us help you increase the attendance at your next webinar event.

The initial steps to a successful webinar are determining your objectives and setting realistic goals. Once objectives and goals are established, we can help you create the key messaging, determine the best dates and times for your audience, obtain target prospect lists, set timelines, and structure the flow of the meeting.

We work with some of the world's leading conferencing providers to ensure that the latest webinar technology, services and features are available to you. These versatile conferencing services help to maximize the audio-visual impact of your communications message.

Features include:

  • Q&A, polling, streaming video and electronic survey options
  • Behind-the-scenes technical support
  • Dedicated conference support specialist and announcer

Promoting the Event
We will help define a prospect list from your current database or provide you with a new, targeted list. We can:

  • Send invitations/announcements via email or USPS
  • Call and register attendees for the event
  • Create and send confirmation emails to all registrants
  • Conduct reminder calls to all registrants two days before the event

We will design a branded home page with your logo, event details and complete registration capabilities. We will set up an email account and a toll-free number to receive registrations and answer questions.

Post webinar follow-up plays a vital role in the overall success of your event. We will turn attendees into a pipeline of "pre-qualified" prospects. We can send follow-up information or literature to facilitate the buying decision, identify the decision maker, determine if money is available to make a purchase, qualify leads and turn over the hot ones for your sales team to close.

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