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Market Research, Studies and Surveys

Market Research is the process of systematically gathering, recording and analyzing data about customers, competitors and target markets. With proper research information companies can make better business decisions. They can create effective business plans, launch new products or services, fine tune existing products and services, expand into new markets and better understand their customer base. Organizations can determine how much of the market they own and how much more there is to penetrate.

At B2B our market research campaigns are designed to help you gather the information you need to be successful. Whether it is conducting a basic information gathering campaign to obtain contact information, or conducting an in-depth customer service evaluation, we craft surveys and conduct one-on-one interviews that get results.

New Product Introductions

You have tested the market and you know the marketplace is ready for your newest offering. Get a head start by letting our expert team of "introduction specialists" excite your potential customers by introducing them to all the benefits your new product has to offer. We can skim the cream and pass the qualified candidates over to your sales force. While they are busy closing deals, we can continue to find more qualified prospects.

Market Penetration Studies

Have you studied your target market? Do you actually know how large the market is for your products and services? Do you know how much of that market you own and how much more there is to penetrate? The only way to create realistic goals for growth is to determine the size of your untapped target market and then create a strategy to reach it.

Customer Satisfaction Assessments

Do you really know what your customers think of your product, service and support? Let us find out for you. We can conduct an extensive assessment and give you valuable feedback about your customer’s perception. We can even give you some suggestions on how to implement or improve your customer loyalty program.

"Did You Buy?" Studies

Your company invests significant time and money on trade shows, advertising, seminars and webinars to generate prospects interested in your products and services. When your direct sales force dispenses these hard earned leads to your sales channels, such as retailers and value added resellers, what happens next? Do you know for sure if your prospects are being contacted? Do you know if they are buying? In many cases these valuable prospects get lost in the shuffle and you never really close the loop.

Targeted Marketing Lists

In the world of prospecting, a list is to outbound calling what location is to real estate. We can help you identify your target market, uncover those prospects that meet your criteria, select the appropriate prospects and license the database. We can append an existing database with valuable target market information to ensure your message reaches the right individuals. Databases contain pertinent contact information as well as SIC code, sales revenue, number of employees, and location type. B2B's market research services can obtain targeted marketing lists from numerous partner list brokers as well as industry associations and trade publications.

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