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'B2B represents our line of wireless communication solutions with excellence. They are professional and responsive and provide us with qualified leads daily.'
–Pat Greeson
 HM Electronics, Inc.

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Our People

At B2B, people are our core competency and the key that sets us apart in our industry. All of our professional Telephone Marketing Representatives and Managers are hand picked and bring a diverse array of experience to our organization. They are intelligent, passionate and dedicated to ensuring the success of each and every calling campaign.

In addition to having outstanding communication skills, they are quick thinkers that know how to effectively respond to questions and objections. They handle all calls with poise and professionalism.

Continuing education and accreditation programs provide staff members with the training necessary to advance within our organization. That is why our turnover rates are extremely low and our staff members stay with us for many years.

Our Certified Industry-Specific Marketing Reps are trained in the terminology and solutions specific to the industry they represent.  For example, Medical Marketing Reps are fluent in products and services used in hospitals, clinics, laboratories and medical practices.  Retail Marketing Reps are trained on point of sale, supply chain and e-commerce solutions.  High Tech Marketing Reps are comfortable presenting ERP, security and internet solutions.  Legal Marketing Reps know the many features and benefits of practice management, e-discovery and document management. Continuing education programs ensure our Marketing Reps stay up-to-date on the latest techniques, compliance requirements, products and services.

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