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'Excellent Service. We have used Business to Business for all of our lead generation needs as well as special customer call projects, and B2B has never let us down.'
–Tony Wyatt
 Indyme Electronics

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EDU Business Solutions Chooses B2B to Help Reach Aggressive Sales Goals
EDU Business Solutions (EDU) is the developer and marketer of Print Shop Pro, a software solution designed for cost-neutral operations for in-plant print shops. Print Shop Pro tracks every aspect of shop management, including such critical elements as quoting, inventory management, pre/post-press, operational costs and billing. Print Shop Pro is an ideal solution for a variety of in-plant print shops including school districts, colleges and universities, cities, counties, government agencies and corporations.

EDU had aggressive sales goals for their software offering. They knew that in order to move their prospects along in the sales cycle they would need to speak with prospects directly and invite them to an online demonstration of the Print Shop Pro software program. EDU did not have the time or internal resources to conduct a nationwide outbound calling effort. They needed the services of a professional lead generation firm that could speak directly to these mid-level decision makers.

EDU hired B2B to conduct an aggressive outbound calling campaign to reach decision makers at school districts, colleges, universities, cities, and counties nationwide. The goal was to determine if the organization had an in-plant print shop, and if so, what process they were using to manage their print shop operation. If B2B determined that the prospect was qualified, they were to introduce Print Shop Pro, uncover pains, share benefits and get the decision maker to agree to a 30-minute online product demonstration.

B2B was able to begin generating “pre-qualified” sales opportunities from the first day of calling. B2B has been working with EDU since 2002 and has been an integral part of their sales effort. All new business opportunities come exclusively from B2B efforts.

Skyline Displays enters fourth year with B2B
Trade shows are a huge part of a company's marketing efforts. They provide the opportunity to meet with customers face-to-face, tout their newest offerings, conduct hands-on demonstrations with prospects and check out what the competition is doing. However, creating a well-designed trade show exhibit with attention grabbing graphics and effective messaging is both an art and a science. Skyline is the absolute leader in the industry.

B2B began working with Skyline San Diego four years ago to assist them in reaching marketing executives responsible for trade show activities. It is difficult to stand out from the crowd in this highly competitive arena with exhibit providers both inside and outside of the United States.

From the first day of calling, B2B has been providing Skyline with a steady stream of pre-qualified sales leads. Because of the success in San Diego, B2B now works with select Skyline Dealers nationwide.

Leading Provider of Information Capture Solutions Retains B2B to Bring Their Multiplicity of Offerings to the Marketplace
A true pioneer in solutions that accelerate the scanning, viewing and printing of high-resolution document images, this organization has been the leading innovator in the conversion of unstructured documents and data into reusable electronic business information since 1985.

In order to keep their focus on their commitment to continually bring new and improved solutions to the market, this industry leader needed to outsource their cold calling to a company that could handle the rigors of generating pre-qualified sales leads for a nationwide network of resellers.

Not only did B2B have to learn the intricacies of data capture, they had to learn the benefits of a plethora of specialized products and services. After an intensive training program, B2B was able to begin generating leads from a variety of markets within just a couple of days. What started as a “trial program” has become an ongoing partnership in success.

EIM Solutions Provider Partners with B2B

The worldwide leader of employee Internet management (EIM) solutions partnered with B2B to conduct a nationwide lead generation campaign. This high-tech client was looking for a marketing company to provide their channel partners with pre-qualified leads so they could stay focused on closing sales. They also needed a company that could get up to speed quickly on their industry and products.

Graduates of B2B's High Tech University were assigned to the campaign and contacted CIOs, CTOs, IT Directors and IT Managers in the manufacturing, financial, healthcare, hospitality, media, retail and transportation industries. Their task was to generate interest in the client's free 30-day demo software, which enables businesses to monitor, report and manage how their employees use the Internet.

The B2B team was able to quickly learn the technical aspects of the EIM industry and the client's products, and translate that knowledge into a successful campaign. B2B also profiled prospects, referred prospects to the client's web site and sent product emails for the client. B2B provided a steady stream of pre-qualified leads for the client's channel partners, proving a B2B lead generation campaign to be a lucrative marketing effort.

Advanced Medical Reviews Uses B2B to Uncover Sales Opportunities

As an integrated medical review company, Advanced Medical Reviews delivers services to diverse managed care and workers' compensation clients including insurance companies, TPA, IPA, Medical Groups, MSO, PPO, HMO, and other managed care organizations. They needed to partner with an outbound calling company that could learn their market and be proficient at speaking with decision makers in this highly specialized arena.

While Advanced Medical Reviews is the leader in delivering a single source solution for managed healthcare administration needs, they needed help in getting their message out. B2B had to learn the specifics of medical review services such as independent medical review, workers compensation, medical evaluation, and utilization review.

Day one, B2B began generating solid sales opportunities. This partnership allows Advanced Medical Reviews to stay focused on their core competency while B2B continues to bring their message to the marketplace.

Recognized Leader in Risk Management Solutions Chooses B2B for Complex Calling Campaign

A nationwide leader in helping pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and consumer health companies demonstrate the safety of their products chose B2B to conduct their outbound calling campaign. They needed a company that could contact high-level and hard-to-reach executives.

After an intensive training program, B2B was ready to speak with organizations in the medical marketplace about a comprehensive pharmacovigilance solution for clinical trial safety, post-marketing safety monitoring, and risk management programs.

This highly specialized calling campaign required an astute Marketing Representative that could learn to speak the lingo and uncover sales opportunities. B2B remains an active part of the sales and marketing team providing a steady stream of pre-qualified sales leads.

B2B Generates Qualified Leads for Laser-Based Dental Solutions

This leading dental laser company wanted to speak with dentists in all of North American and share with them how dental lasers are elevating the standard for dental care. Because they did not have the internal resources available, they needed a trusted partner that could speak to dentists one-on-one and educate them on the benefits of laser dentistry.

After an extensive training program on the many benefits of laser dentistry, the B2B Dental Marketing Reps got on the phones. They began sharing how dental lasers can significantly improve patient care and increase revenues in the practice. In many cases the B2B Rep had to answer detailed questions with regard to specific procedures in various specialties in order to secure an appointment. The B2B team was able to begin generating truly qualified leads immediately.

Retail Management System Leader Uses B2B for All Their Marketing Needs

In the summer of 2000, B2B began a partnership with the leader in the retail management system market. This client was looking for a direct marketing firm that could work seamlessly with their in-house and remote sales team. They wanted a group of Marketing Representatives that could speak with C-Level executives at multi-million dollar retailers.

B2B was hired to conduct a variety of marketing initiatives, including:

  • Ongoing lead generation campaigns to introduce new products as well as present updated features and product improvements for existing products.
  • Trade show invitations and follow-up
  • Webinar/Seminar invitations
  • Information gathering campaigns
  • Literature fulfillment for prospects requesting more information and materials
  • Fielding of Inbound calls
  • Website inquiry follow-up

As with all of their clients, B2B Marketing Representatives see themselves as an essential part of the companies they represent. Those assigned to this client have so thoroughly learned the company's philosophy and products that the prospects and clients assume they have reached the client and are interacting with the company's in-house staff. The client's toll-free line for receiving inbound calls is pointed to B2B's site where a team of Marketing Representatives - highly trained in the company's products and services - skillfully handles each call. Inquiries and requests that come through the client's web site are automatically forwarded to B2B via email. Marketing Representatives then follow-up with the contact and collect additional information before distributing the leads via email to the appropriate client sales channel.

B2B ensures that all marketing messages are consistent and that the sales and marketing process remains synergistic through our Closed Loop Lead Management process.

The client considers B2B to be an integral part of their team and says, "The quality of the leads B2B has generated for us has been outstanding. It's a pleasure to have them as part of our team."

B2B Delivers Consistent Results for Aftermarket Glass Software Provider

B2B implemented a telesales campaign for a leading provider of comprehensive software and printed materials on aftermarket glass pricing and installation. B2B Marketing Representatives contact auto glass repair and replacement shops around the U.S. and sell the client's latest software and catalogs. The Marketing Representatives working on this campaign are completely versed in all of the client's products and services allowing them to pursue cross-selling opportunities and generate additional leads that otherwise might not have materialized.

B2B acts as a critical sales channel for the client, marketing and selling new products as they are developed. As new products are introduced, B2B actively monitors all aspects of the campaign and makes any necessary adjustments. B2B has delivered consistent results for this client since the fall of 2002 - a testament to B2B's dedication, professionalism and experience.

B2B Helps Major California University Grow Their Extension Class Registration

Certificate Programs allow adult students to carry on with their work and home life while furthering their education. Whether on campus or online, adults can advance their careers or learn the skills necessary to change their career through university extension programs.

This highly respected institution chose B2B to help them grow their extension programs through an outbound calling program. They felt that candidates needed to hear first hand what is involved in returning to school or earning a Certificate. Questions needed to be addressed that could not be answered in course catalogs or on the website.

B2B successfully assists in filling all classes each quarter. It is a win-win situation for the university and potential students.

B2B Provides Professional Telesales Team for Public Notification Compliance Software Provider

The nation's premier provider of public notification compliance services for the water industry partnered with B2B for a nationwide telesales campaign. This professional service organization was formed to assist community water systems with the development of their Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). B2B assigned professional Marketing Representatives to this campaign with the knowledge and skill to have meaningful conversations with decision makers, expertly discuss product features and benefits, answer questions, overcome objections and close sales. B2B Marketing Representatives assigned to the campaign contacted water facility superintendents around the nation and sold the client's CCR software and services. The lucrative results delivered by B2B resulted in the extension of the campaign.

The client credits B2B with their success and says, "B2B provided us with a market presence that we could not have otherwise afforded. Moreover, as a result of our dedicated B2B telesales staff, we experienced a favorable return-on-investment within four months."

Leading eDiscovery Provider Partners with B2B to Speak to the Legal Market

While this industry leader has dominated the market in eDiscovery technology and methodology for over 20 years, there were still thousands of legal professionals that needed to be educated on the value of an integrated eDiscovery solution. They turned to B2B for help. Within a matter of days, B2B’s Legal Marketing Reps were speaking with lawyers in corporate legal departments and law firms nationwide and sharing the benefits of how a fully integrated eDiscovery solution could significantly reduce cost, time and risk.

Because the B2B calling team was already familiar with the litigation process, they were able to create interest and begin generating qualified leads the first day of outbound calling.

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