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'Business to Business Marketing enables us to integrate the powerful personal touch of a telephone call to improve results in a fully integrated marketing campaign. We routinely turn to them for our client projects.'
–Diane Mayer
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Seminar Marketing Services

Seminars are a great opportunity to provide valuable product and industry information for your prospects or customers. Our Seminar services help to ensure you have a successful seminar by marketing your product or service both before and after the event.

There is nothing worse than hot coffee, a hot speaker and empty seats. The only way to get attendees to an event is to personally invite them. We can fill the seats at your next seminar by sending invitations via USPS, fax or email and then calling to secure registrations. Afterward, we can gather feedback from your attendees to evaluate the effectiveness of your event.

After the seminar, we can turn attendees into a pipeline of "pre-qualified" prospects. We can send follow-up information or literature to facilitate the buying decision, identify the decision maker, determine if money is available to make a purchase, qualify leads and turn over the hot ones for your sales team to close. As part of our follow-up we will:

  • Send thank you messages to attendees
  • Send a "Sorry you were unable to attend" email inviting those that didn't attend to come to your next event
  • Manage and distribute literature requests
  • Conduct a follow-up lead generation calling campaign
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